A sampling of the success and memories that bring our clients back.

"Dear Todd,  Thank you for the trip!  It was so much fun and so glad I shot my first canvasback!  Also thank you for the jerky, it was delicious and ate it right away, thank you for the hat, I will definitely wear it!  Thanks for the band!  I wasn't expecting you to get me anything but I am very thankful." 

               Jack Steinhaus

"Todd, What a thrilling day on the MS River.  I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I think you run a 1st class operation.  Your hard work, attention to detail, care for the resource, pursuit of crippled birds, and of course your cooking!  I could go on and on.  I appreciate a well run business -- you are doing everything right.  And then to be so excietd for my son, deliver him the goodies at the morel, of course, left a lifetime impression for him.  I suppose the first Bufflehead and Canvasback will to the same!!  And behind every good man is a great woman, and it sure seems you and Donna are great partners.  Please thank her for me for a top-notch stay at the motel and all her great treats in the boat.  Thanks again, and sure hope to cross paths with you guys soon.  Kind regards, and may the skies be filled with birds."

               Greg Steinhauss

"Because we have only had the pleasure of hunting with you this past fall, I feel we have known you for quite some time.  When we first met you (at the Spring Lake Inn), you were kind and generous with information that would help us become better duck hunters.  Even when we were hunting on our own, you went out of your way to make sure we were safe and having a fun time.  You even picked up my son once from our blind to take him back with you to the motel because he was cold -- I am very grateful for that. 

This past year, we had the pleasure of actually hunting with you.  I am somewhat surprised you will have us back. Between the constant laughing, my brother John wearing a beard that looks like the Duck Commander, to my other brother Pat shooting a blank shell at a flock of canvasbacks, I am surprised we shot anything.  At one point we had mallards coming in and you could not even blow the duck call because you were laughing too hard.  That was an incredibly enjoyable duck hunt.  We will be back this fall.  Thanks for the great memories."

               Tim Connaughty

"Hi Todd,  I was sitting here reflecting on a GREAT hunting season and couldn't help but remember Steve, John, Bill & my great river trip in October with you.  From the wonderful treats your wife provided, the fabulous breakfasts you made, the great early mornings, the fun conversations, the ducks, watch Stoner retreive the miracle Buff; it was all wonderful.....God willing we'll see you next year."

              Sincerely, Paul

"Todd, Once again, thank you for taking us on a great hunt.  The breakfast was great as usual.  What a way to spend Thanksgiving Day! The 1st time hunter (Adam) was so happy to shoot two Cans, a goldeneye and a mallard.  I was also happy to shoot two bull Cans and a bluebill. I really look forward to hunting with you again next year. 
                Pete Unser

“I can't begin to express our gratitude for the teriffic time you showed us.  You went above and beyond... as always.  We all said it was one of our favorite hunts yet"

                Butch Bowlby, Kawkawlin, MIThe Schmidt's (Al, Clay and Max)

"Just wanted to send a note thanking you again for a great hunt and a great stay at the Grandview.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have gotten a nice bull can.  For me it truly is like shooting a 10 point buck!  Just as special was watching a youngster on his first hunt and the time we all shared in the blind." 
                Joe Peikert

"Todd provides exceptional service and is a great experience to take your son or daughter on a hunting trip!  My son can't wait to come back next year!"
                J Scott Larson, Waterloo, IA

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